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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Kids Better Off in Orphanages than Having Gay Parents

according to: Rep. Robert Talton, R-Pasadena,

"Some of us believe they would be better off in orphanages than in a homosexual or bisexual households because that's a learned behavior,"


Blogger hooey said...

HERE WE GO AGAIN WIHT THE ORPHANAGES!!!!!!!!!!! Just like what Ging Grinch proposed a decade ago!!!!! It will be just like oliver Twist

6:12 AM  
Blogger opit said...

Source on that comment about homosexuality being a learned condition, please. ( Taking a Republican's word on anything today is a rash act )It doesn't agree with reports I've heard.
The state has stats up the ying-yang about kids raised in orphanages moostly growing up weird - lack of emotional bonding and physical comforting. In a nutshell, the state is an unfit parent !

5:48 PM  

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